Monday, September 26, 2011

Customer Service, Part 3: The Mosquito Man

I still cringe when I think about this poor man and how unable I was to help him.  And I still have no idea why I could not say the right words.

At the time, we were selling a book called Misquoting Jesus, by Bart D. Ehrman, so fast we could barely keep it on the shelves.  And as with most unexpectedly popular books, our customers were asking for any number of variations on the title.  It is our job as Booksellers to intuit what a customer may mean when they say, for instance: Mistaking Jesus, Miscalculating Jesus, or Miscreant Jesus.  And most customers are happy when we can tactfully correct them, especially if it means putting the right book in their hand.

But every once in a while helping a customer find the right book becomes a power struggle instead of personal service.  And then there was: The Mosquito Man.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm taking it personally.

My store seems to attract employees with outsize personalities and strong convictions.  And, contrary to popular opinion, just because we work in a bookstore does not mean we are all hippy-dippy liberals. (Except me, I am a hippy-dippy liberal, but that’s another post.)  Usually we get along well enough to do our jobs and respect each others’ work ethic, or we’re just too flipping busy to fight.

But lately, I’ve been coming home at night wondering if it’s just me, or are we getting really personal with each other? 

Monday, September 12, 2011

I learn spiritual lessons from video games.

The first video game I ever played by myself was Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance (for PS2) and it changed my life forever.  It’s not a complicated or intense game, as video games go, but it was good for a beginner like me, since I was trying to check out this whole video game thing that my new husband was so into (still is).

Little did I know the impact this game would have on my spirituality.  There are three main lessons I learned from it:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Jesus Saves

I have heard this idea attributed to both Rob Bell and Max Lucado, so if someone knows the genius who said it first please enlighten me, because it has burned a trail of destruction through my faith: ‘God is looking for every excuse to get people into Heaven, not keep them out.’